Welcome to the June 27, 2013 edition of the Illumination in Focus newsletter.

The ongoing transition to energy-efficient LED lighting continues to draw new players -- major ones -- into the lighting business. Last newsletter we discussed products from 3M, a huge company but a newcomer to making lighting products.

This week it's Honeywell announcing entry into the US lighting market with a new LED Lighting Solutions business unit. Honeywell has actually sold lighting products for some time in Asia and Europe and has manufactured products in China for five years. Now the company will offer products in the US using LED-based tubes immediately, followed by other fixture types later in the year. The company is counting on its huge presence in building automation to help it win business in the lighting space and will offer lighting-specific controls as well.

Among the most exciting aspects of new sources such as LEDs are the new form factors and functionality enabled by small sources. Lutron, for example, used LEDs to design a luminaire purpose built for conference rooms, providing ideal indirect lighting for video conferencing. We're seeing innovative form in many decorative products as well. See the section on such products below, but the Amerlux Quintetta pendant stands out particularly as an elegant luminaire that could not be realized with legacy sources.

We linked to a couple of articles from our LEDs Magazine website that would be especially interesting to lighting designers and specifiers. Particularly you might find the executive viewpoints from Lightfair of interest.

Financing LED lighting projects remains a major obstacle for lighting specifiers, but there may be more options than you think in making such projects a reality. The LED Show conference program this August will include a session on rebates and financial incentives. Register now and join us this August for an outstanding program.


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