On April 6th, President Donald Trump, without consulting with Congress nor the UN and in a unilateral bullying manner, ordered the bombing of a military base in Syria. The attack was supposedly carried in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, the same that killed 86 people, 27 of which were children. Later on, a report by the Washíngton Post Journal claimed that the attack might have been a planned act by Presidents Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and an assassin Syrian King Bashar al-Asaad to distract Americans from the investigation underway about the Russian intervention in recent US elections. 

On Thursday, April 13, President Trump ordered the bombing of tunnels constructed by the CIA in Afghanistan; the attack was done with the biggest non nuclear bomb built in the US called the ´´the mother of the bombs´´. 

The tunnels were, supposedly hiding places for ISIS members. However, the bombing in Afghanistan has been considered by many analysts as acts of bullying and threatening on the part of President Trump against North Korea´s regime as a response for their defying and provocative nuclear tests and for stocking chemical weapons without UN approval. 

Although many US citizens cheered the retaliation against Syria and the bombing of Afghanistan, UN members condemned the unilateral and provocative attacks for considering them irresponsible acts of war that will increase the tensions between both countries and the third World War that is already taking place in several continents. 

I agree with the UN in the fact that the United States and North Korea should secure permits from the UN before taking unilateral attacks on each other because both countries are not the only countries on the planet and an attack on each other would cause the destruction of many countries like Japan, South Korea, parts of China and the loss of thousands of lives to chemical warfare. I also think that It´s time to stop the bullying war waged by both countries because there won´t be winners from a full nuclear third world confrontation. 

Impreso el 2017-04-30