President Barack Obama made many campaign promises in order to win the presidency of The United States of America and one of the most important one was to provide adequate and affordable healthcare to all Americans, as Insurance and pharmaceutical companies had been rendering services in an unethical, abusive and inhuman manner; by charging exorbitant prices for healthcare and, even, denying coverage to people who had gotten ill under healthcare coverage. 

As soon as President Obama won the presidency, he began a campaign to fulfill this promise. On the road to achieve this goal, he encountered a fierce opposition from greedy insurance companies who had profited from American’s health for decades and business owners who refused to give these services to their employees. 

The fight to get, what became to be known as the ‘’Obama Care Act’’, generated into a war between Democrats and Republicans. The last ones were supported by gigantic publicity campaigns paid by Insurance corporations and by greedy and powerful business corporations. 

Finally, after a bitter struggle, President Barack Obama, after spending a great portion of his political power, the Affordable Care Act was presented in congress by the Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, on July 2009 and became law in October 2010. 

During his campaign candidate Donald Trump made a promise to eliminate the ‘’Obama Care’’ as soon as he became president. The irresponsible intentions of the new president and the Republican Congress of leaving millions of Americans without health coverage is totally absurd, careless, and totally insensitive; as this action would be a big setback for Americans who once again will be left at the mercy of the insurance corporations, which will continue to gamble and profit from American’s health. In other words, once again the wolf will be left to guard the sheep. 

It is true that ‘’Obama Care’’ helped many handicapped and working people and their children get healthcare and that insurance companies stopped denying coverage to them, but its is also true that, because private Insurance companies were permitted to participate in the process of providing coverage, they boycotted the implementation of the program by raising the coverage costs and making it unaffordable for most people. 

Since there is not any plan to replace the eliminated health coverage care I suggest that the new president and selfish politicians who want to reward their sponsors, the Insurance corporations, by handing the healthcare of Americans on a silver platter, to take a trip to Cuba, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bolivia and any socialist country to learn how these poor countries, with low budgets, have managed to provide this important service to it’s citizens at no extra cost for them; In these countries healthcare is paid with collected taxes and Social Security revenues. 

Cuba has the best personalized healthcare service in the continent. Ecuador, China and other countries solved this problem a long time ago by constructing the hospitals, buying the medical equipment and medications and by hiring doctors in order to provide free health care to all people that have social security benefits and to indigents outside the system as well. At the present time, It is not acceptable nor understandable that the richest country on the planet refuses to provide free and adequate health care to its citizens and that there are people that continue to support irresponsible policies and politicians who refuse to provide this basic need. 

From this column we ask our readers to demand the right to have a decent health coverage provided in a free manner by government and to protest by calling their State Representatives to implement it. If their health concerns continue to be ignored we encourage them to demonstrate their frustrations on the streets, with acts of civil disobedience, until this important service is provided. After all, if the government can blow up 6 trillion dollars in frivolous wars in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Etc., it should provide free healthcare to all American citizens. 

Impreso el 2017-01-25