During Republican debates that have been taking place lately we have, constantly, heard demagogue candidate Donald Trump saying that if he would be elected president of the United States, he would make America great by blaming all the problems of America on hard working immigrants and by ousting, by force, the over 11 million undocumented workers which are the labor force of this society, breaking up heartlessly their families. This act would be impossible to accomplish. 

Deceitful Trump, in order to get notoriety and free publicity, has made ignorant and hateful generalizations saying that México and the rest of the world, purposely, send rapist, murderers and its worst citizens to the United States. This statement is totally untruthful, because no president has ever done that. By making untruthful generalizations, Trump has shown to be deceitful and untrustworthy. 

Trump has promised to build a bigger wall bordering México but has not said how he is going to finance this monumental white elephant. Perhaps he is thinking that the US Army can occupy México City as it did in 1847 and force its citizens to work forcefully as they did with Chinese, Negroes and Japanese immigrants in remote times. Trump has said bizarre statements such as ‘’he would force México to finance and construct the great wall; he has not disclosed if he is going to take over the Mexican Central Bank to steal its monetary and gold reserves. The uneducated big mouthed candidate even failed to recognize that most immigrants come on airplanes and boats and over extend their visas. 

On August 25th prototype of the ‘’ugly American’’, Donald Trump showed how rude, crude, arrogant, intolerant, bullying and disrespectful he can be by expelling, with a single movement of his empty head, out of a press conference world known reporter from Univision network, Jorge Ramos. This single act should raise flags on how intolerant, undiplomatic and snobbish his foreign policy will be, as this hot headed president may expel world presidents and leaders out of press conferences embarrassing the country and starting world conflicts with countries he dislikes, such as Iran, México, China, and most Latin countries, among others. 

The most dangerous thing is not the lies, and senseless statements made by this vulgar imitator of Hitler, but the fact that he has millions of followers who have limited or no education, as most of them, don’t even, have a high school diploma or are ignorant nationalists, like the skin heads and the Ku Klux Klan who have only hatred in their empty heads and hearts. 

Although candidate Trump has shown to be ahead in the political Republican charts, I, personally, don’t think he will stay in the race for the simple fact that he is not a politician, but a vulgar clown who is looking for a circus to entertain fools. I think that since he is a greedy and failed entrepreneur he is only paving the way for Jeb Bush in exchange for some contracts and business deals once he wins the presidency. I, honestly, don’t think that educated and conscious people will take him seriously. I think that Trump has senile thinking that he is going to get the Latino vote after the degrading statements he has made calling them the garbage and rejects of every county. Trump is not only ‘’loco’’, but on denial of the fact that the candidate that will win the White House must win 40% of the 17 million plus Latino registered voters. 

If I’m not wrong, I think that Republican candidate Donald Trump will withdraw from the race sooner or later, and that will be the best thing for the sanity of the election campaign and the nation, as insane Donald Trump could never make America Great, but get this country involved in another war, make more enemies for the country and destroy the economy as George W. Bush did. 


Since it is evident that it would be a disaster to elect Donald Trump to the presidency, the only hope to prevent this cataclysm if Trump gets on the presidential ballot, is for Latinos and conscious people to vote massively for a more reasonably, tolerant, intelligent, and cool headed candidate.

Impreso el 2015-10-06