EL PASO, Texas – Yesterday, El Paso City Council approved an ordinance intended to simplify the special event permitting process for customers through the creation of an annual “Fast Pass” permit. This permit will benefit customers who have repeat events during the same year by eliminating the need to obtain a separate special event permit for each individual event.


The annual “Fast Pass” permit will be granted to customers who have the same reoccurring event, provided that the scope and footprint of the event does not change. This enables the customer to submit one application for all of their event dates. Another benefit to “Fast Pass” customers includes the ability to continuously submit additional dates for approval throughout the year without submittal of repetitive backup, such as a site plan and traffic control plan.

The approved revisions to the special event permitting process are the result of numerous discussions with customers, event organizers, the Downtown Management District and employees. The changes will not only streamline the process for customers and city staff, but will improve the overall customer experience.


“One of the strategies in the City’s strategic plan is to provide business-friendly permitting. This a perfect example of our permitting staff doing just that,” saidCary Westin, Managing Director for Economic Development portfolio.  “They found ways to improve on a process that in turn benefits the customers we proudly serve by making the special event permit process quicker.”


Customers interested in applying for a “Fast Pass” special event permit can visit the City of El Paso’s One-Stop Shop located at 811 Texas Avenue. The office is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to noon on FridayThe services provided by the Planning & Inspection Department’s One-Stop Shop supports the City’s strategic goal to promote the visual image of El Paso. 

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