On March 20th, 2003, President George W. Bush launched a full scale bombardment and invasion of Iraq. The justification was to get rid of chemical arms which Dictator Saddam Hussein, “supposedly”, had. Another excuse to invade the country was to rid the world of a ‘’bad and evil dictator’’ whose regimen had to be punished for befriending the terrorists of Al-Qaeda which came from U.S. allied Jordan to bring down the World Trade Center. The real intentions for the invasion, to control the oil flow in the Middle East and to vindicate George Bush Senior’s failure to get rid of Saddam in the Kuwait invasion during the Persian war, were never disclosed.

In order to fulfill a campaign promise, the President ordered, in December, 2011, the withdrawal of the last bulk of 45,000 troops from the invaded country, leaving only 750 for the security of the Embassy and to help with basic training.

After Saddam was deposed, Iraq fell into complete chaos and civil war, as he was the only person that had been able to control the country with his strong and ruthless hand, which was now gone. 

Taking advantage that the invading Americans had left and did not want to continue being involved in the war; and that Iraq is a chaotic society and that it’s army was weak, the brutal Islamic terrorists of ISIS have launched a war to take over this nation, the Middle East, and all the world. This Anti-Christian group is more ‘’Savage, brutal and intolerant’’ than Al-Qaeda and any fanatical irrational group that the world has known. These cold blooded killers have been using merciless and uncivilized tactics, like burning people alive, crucifying Christians, decapitating and shooting people indiscriminately after making them dig their own graves.

Iraq’s cities have been falling into terrorist ISIS, using neighboring Syria as their base of operations. The senseless cruel actions of the Islamic State, ISIS, has filled the cup of the civilized world and has put President Obama on the spot for not acting strongly enough to destroy this evil force. The mounting pressure, finally, has prompted him, to send 275 troops on June 16th, to retrain Iraq’s troops and to protect the American Embassy.

Most Republican legislators and Obama’s detractors have criticized the President for not pulling faster the troops out of the country and now are for abandoning the country and are pushing Congress for a strong military intervention. This means: that as soon as a Republican president takes over in 2016, the United States will be returning with a massive troops intervention to that country in order to defend the terrain for which 4,000 Americans gave their lives. 


The facts are: that Americans troops should have never invaded Iraq in first place; and that once they occupied the country, should have never abandoned it to its mercy. Now it seems that returning back to hell is unavoidable, because the invasion to Iraq that started with lies, deceit, greed and revenge had a bad beginning, and will have a bad and endless end.


Impreso el 2015-06-28