Film Festival Spans a Gambit of Genres From Minority Filmmakers

The second annual In COLOR film festival features a wide variety of films by local, and national filmmakers of color.

 Oklahoma City, OK, July 27, 2014- Inclusion in Art presents the film festival In Color at IAO Gallery August 9, 2014 opening from 4:30pm-9:pm. IAO Gallery is located at 701 W. Sheridan in the historic Film Row.

 In Color focuses on the contributions of minority filmmakers and films with a strong multicultural component. The festival is in its second year and will now include films from many different genres including documentaries, action, drama, and much more. Last year's offerings centered around the influence of documentaries in film. Executive Director of Inclusion in Art and independent film lover Nathan Lee wants In COLOR to reach an even larger audience than last year's successful presentation.

 “Last year we were very specific in genre.” Lee states. We decided on documentaries as the central theme to the 2013 presentation. We stretched the notion of what documentaries could be and now we want to show the impact filmmakers of color are having on different film genres. We are excited about the submissions we received.”

 Last year's award big award winner “Shutter Mind” by Latina director Melissa Sue Lopez was a genre-bending film that showed how cinema could be diverse and unorthodox in its content and presentation.

 This year, In COLOR promises more films, and more excitement.

 Among the films featured in In COLOR FULL SPECTRUM is a drama by Oklahoma filmmaker Rogelio Almeida. His film “Yveete” was a past winner at several film festivals including Oklahoma’s own Deadcenter. The film follows the trials of a young Latina woman battling issues with her Mexican heritage and strained relationship with her mother. Now this brilliantly crafted film has a second opportunity to be seen by Oklahomans who may have missed its screening at Deadcenter.

 In addition to the main festival, In COLOR will also have small intimate events leading up to the main presentation. Entitled “Pillows and Popcorn”, these smaller engagements are meant to introduce communities to the world of independent film and show obscure works by different filmmakers of color from around the world. The events feature a laid back environment, pillows, popcorn and of course film.

 In COLOR is one of several wonderful film festivals originating in the great state of Oklahoma.

For more information on In Color and Inclusion in Art visit or contact Nathan Lee at 405 886 0870 or by email:

Inclusion in Art is dedicated to cultivating racial and cultural diversity in Oklahoma's visual arts community.

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