In  Oklahoma there are residents from different Latin American countries, most of them have come from  México, Guatemala, Honduras, San Salvador, and Panamá.  Colombia, Perú, Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador also have notorious groups of residents living in the state.

The people from the mentioned Latin American countries, not only have brought their languages and dialects but their dances, culinary traditions and other cultural traits.

Today, Oklahomans can enjoy the traditional American hamburgers, hot dogs, bar b cue, and French fries, but also have alternative foods, like Mexican tacos, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, Colombian sancochos, Peruvian ceviches, apa a la Huancaína, ocopa and pollo a la brasa.

Tango, Chachachá, and Rumba  have been traditional dances taught in dance academies for decades in America .  Today a great number of Oklahomans and residents of other states dance the popular ´´Salsa´´, Merengue, Bachata and other folkloric native dances.  There are competitions of Salsa, not only in Latin America, Europe and Japan, but right here in Oklahoma, as well as, in many states of the union.


Most open-minded Oklahomans have accepted the fact that in Oklahoma, thanks to foreigners that came from Vietnam, Czechoslovakia, and mostly from Latin American countries, their lives have been enriched tremendously.    

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