Most intelligent, educated and open minded people in the great State of Oklahoma have already accepted  the fact that the presence of Latin Americans in this state, as well as. the rest of the American union has brought a cultural and economical enrichment.  Of  course. there are still some ignorant, uneducated, backwards, prejudice and racist people that think, believe and propagate lies and unfounded rumors that Hispanics have come to take jobs from Americans, to use and deplete health care, education and economical resources;  when, on the contrary, we produce 6.2 billions of dollars for the State of Oklahoma, financing all the budget and leaving a surplus of 1.2 billions, paying for education and a health care that we don’t receive.

Most Oklahomans and Americans have, finally realized that Hispanics are hard-working and honest people who have created over 6.000 small businesses and thousands of jobs in the State and that our cultures have enriched this state  and the nation. 

! We are proud people who never stand under bridges to beg with a pan cart.  We work for every penny we earn!


So this month let’s tell everybody in Oklahoma, the rest of the states,  and the the world how proud we are of our Spanish, Native American, afro American heritages.  !Estamos orgullosos de ser Latinoamericanos!

Impreso el 2013-09-19