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Candidato republicano "Caín" hace honor a su nombre queriendo electrocutar a su hermano Latino "Abel''


When we hear the last name of leading republican candidates nominee Herman "Cain", I can't help, but to think about the infamous character of the Bible "Cain" which murdered his brother Abel out of jealousness with an "ass" bone.


It seems that Cain has forgotten that Hispanics are members of a minority ethnic group that, just like  Afro-Americans have to fight  on daily basis racism, discrimination and, even, persecution in order to survive in this country.  


Hispanics have not been so lucky to have been given a free ride to America like  "negroes" did;  they have to risk their lives swimming a treacherous river, risk dying of thirst at the Sonora desert or, even being kidnapped and murdered by coyotes and drug dealers.  


As Afro-Americans did, Hispanics have had to work hard to survive.   The difference is that nobody has given them shelter, work and food for that endeavor.  In other words, Hispanics have not been as lucky as blacks and Vietnamese immigrants.  This last group of Asians was given free transportation, lodging ,food  and work in America.


Cain, apparently, wants to cash in his skin color, because republicans want to pretend that they are not racist and hope to unseat another Afro-American whose skin is lighter, but he has nothing on his agenda that will make people vote for him, as his 999 tax plan, even if inverted to "666", will not cut the mustard, as it would only continue to make the middle class pay the taxes the rich are spared and it would only worsen the poor masses situation.


It seems that Mr. Cain and republicans have already forgotten that Mr. Barak Obama won his seat as President of the United States of America thanks to the 10 million votes cast by Hispanics and that with his plan of putting electricity to the fence south of the border, has shown that he and the members of his party are inhuman and cruel.  


It is beyond my comprehension to hear a member of a discriminated minority ethnic group, that claims to be a Christian, talking about killing their Hispanic neighbors with electrical discharges.   I also have a problem understanding why republican and democrats in Washington play games refusing to solve the Immigration Reform because it is not a popular decision and because they want to have an excuse to blame each other.  


At the closing of this editorial I want to make it clear that republicans with their anti immigrant agenda are committing political suicide and democrats are deadly wrong thinking that  Hispanics  will automatically vote for them, even if they don´t do anything to earn their vote.


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