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Gastos  irresponsables para financiar guerras y gastos frívolos deben parar.  Los Ricos deben pagar su cuota justa de impuestos y se debe de excluir recortes a la Educación, Seguro Social, Medicaid y Medicare.  Partidos tradicionales que protegen sus intereses y los de de las minorías acaudaladas deben desaparecer del arena política.


Every day, when Americans watch the news or read a newspaper, they get more dismayed to see the fights that our politicians engage in at Capitol Hill in Washington to control power for their own political advantage.


Nobody wants to assume responsibility for the economical disaster caused or recognize that both political parties, that is, Democrats and Republicans, are responsible for the enormous choking debt that threatens to shut down the nation.


It is true; presidents Ronald Reagan, George G. Bush , Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have all borrowed billions of dollars from China and other lenders in order to prevent the country to default its payments on Social Security, Army salaries, government workers, etc.


It is also true that most of the debt was acquired by Republican presidents.  The biggest one acquired by George W. Bush who left this country 600 billion dollars in the hole, moneys which were used to finance the Iraqi war. This is in contrast to the surplus of 150 billion left by President Clinton.


Now President Obama is asking for fair cuts from all institutions.  But, Republicans insist in reducing funds designated for education, health, Medicaid, Medicare and social services and opposing higher taxes for the wealthy.  They have refused to compromise to reach a bipartisan agreement in order to secure a collapse of the nation so they can blame this failure on the ´´black president´ .


In my opinion, this childish and selfish attitude assumed by the Republican Party is totally irresponsible.  A political party that only looks to protect the interest of a wealthy minority has no reason to exist in the political arena and people must vote it out.


America must follow the example of Ecuador and other Latin American countries that have dissolved their political warring Houses of Representatives and Senates and created a new form of government in order to eliminate the corrupt governments.  Today, in the United States there exists a corrupt system of politicians that work for the Lobbyists that represent the interests of the big corporations and that ignore the needs of the great masses.


Americans must wake up now and demand from their elected officials honesty and diligence and legislations that will be in their best interest.   The irresponsible borrowing money to finance wars and frivolous spending must stop right now in order to reduce the ''humongous'' deficit and bring sanity and hope to the nation.  


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