PALESTINIAN ISRAELI CONFLICT: The never ending war, hatred, violence and massacres must end for good!

PALESTINIAN ISRAELI CONFLICT: The never ending war, hatred, violence and massacres must end for good!


Palestinians and Israeli tribes have foughteach other since 1500 BC. In the Bible is recorded the defeat of the Philistine Goliath at the hand of David in the Land of Palestine.

Romans invaded the land of Palestine and ruled over the Jewish City of David. The last Power to control this land thru the Ottoman Empire was England and it was called The British Mandate of Palestine. On May 14, 1948, David Ben Gurion, Head of the Jewish Agency, proclaimed the State of Israel in Palestinian Land and the United States, presided by Harry S. Truman, immediately, recognized the new country, leaving Palestinians without a country. This act is equivalent to somebody invading your home and forcing you to live in the bathroom.

Since then, many wars have taken place between the Palestinians and the Israelites. The 6 Day War that took place in 1967 was the most important one to mention. The United States has a big wealthy and influential Jewish population, the same that has exercised control in Washington thru their lobbyists. These legislators, through the years, have given Israel the most modern weaponry, technology and, even, have helped it develop an atomic Bomb. As a result, in all these conflicts, the Palestinian armies have taken defeat after defeat as their foe has always demonstrated military superiority.

Recent conflict: Since Israel has control of the water resources over Israeli territory and the Gaza Strip, continuously, it has deprived Palestinians access to water reserves.

Furthermore, it has been destroying Palestinian farmers’ water wells, farms and crops. In turn, Palestinians have been throwing rocks to the Israeli Army, building tunnels to cross to the Israeli side and throwing shoulder rockets to Haifa and other border Jewish towns.

On July 2nd Palestinians crossed a tunnel to Israeli land and kidnapped 3 Jewish young men and killed them; in retaliation the Israelites kidnapped a Palestinian boy and burnt him to death. These barbaric acts on both sides started the recent conflict that has continued with sporadic recesses which have lasted only a few hours, and that threaten to engulf the Middle East and the world in an Armageddon.

As in prior fights, the Palestinians, because they have no shelters and their rockets can easily be intercepted, have taken a disproportionate toll in loss of lives with over 800 civilians and 50 children dead, 2000 injured and hundreds of buildings destroyed. The Israelites have crossed their tanks to the Land of Gaza and continue to massacre Hamas Militants and civilians.


The Israelites having the advantage of being God´s Chosen people, having the blind support of the United States and superior military weaponry should not act in an abusive and mean manner and should stop the inhuman treatment of the Palestine people. On the other hand, Hamas should stop displaying their continuous hatred and violence against the State of Israel and recognize it´s right to exist and to defend itself. Of course, the conflict will never end as long as the pseudo civilized world won´t allow the Palestinian people to have their own sovereign State and ignores these massacres and suffering of the Palestinian people and as long as hatred and vengeance are the negative forces behind the Moslem Arab and Israeli relationships.

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