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“Nuestra Comunidad” A Very Unique Hispanic Newspaper

  In 1998 Franco Cevallos, Publishing Editor of the Hispanic Newspaper “Nuestra Comunidad”, which translates to “Our Community”, returned from South Carolina after completing a teaching contract. When he returned to Oklahoma, he quickly realized that the existing Hispanic newspapers in OKC were not presenting local news, so he came up with the idea of starting a newsletter. The first issue was published September 30th, 1998, and printed 300 copies. The new newspaper was a sensation from the beginning as Hispanics residing in Oklahoma had never had local news, local entertainment, religion, sports and local police notes brought to them through one media.

  At the beginning, Mr. Cevallos, who has two Master degrees and speaks five languages, had difficulty finding work in the state of Oklahoma, but as an entrepreneur, took on the many tasks of reporting, writing, editing, selling and many other jobs that it took to get the newspaper to the public. In 2001, his son David Cevallos, while working on his Masters at the University of Oklahoma, joined the company and lightened his father’s work load. Since its beginning, the newspaper has experienced a tremendous growth. At the present time “Nuestra Comunidad” is the fastest growing Hispanic newspaper in Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico, and has won several awards from radio stations, mayors, and governors. Most important, it has won the trust of its readers and sponsors. The Hispanic Market is the fastest growing market and “Nuestra Comunidad”, can certainly help you reach it, as it has has passed the test of time and will continue to make an influence in the communities of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and the world. Actually, this outstanding newspaper is distributed in Oklahoma City and surrounding towns, El Paso, TX, and in the southern towns of New Mexico, and is constantly going to new towns to make sure that all Hispanics get the news that they have been thirsting for. At the present time “Nuestra Comunidad” is the tabloid with the largest volume of color pages, readership and that guarantees zero recycling to its customers. Many of the advertisers have been sponsoring the newspaper since the beginning because they believe in the Mission that “Nuestra Comunidad” has, and because it also gives them a guaranteed access to the market that they are seeking to serve.

  “Nuestra Comunidad” is a community paper and credits it success to the community it serves. “Nuestra Comunidad”, not only reports the news, but also gets involved, reports and finds solutions to the problems that Hispanics are faced with. In other words, “Nuestra Comunidad” is the voice of those who have no voice; the community knows that if they have a problem, they can trust “Nuestra Comunidad” to go to bat for them.

  If you would like to reach the fastest growing market in the USA, call today to reserve your sponsorship. For businessmen who want to reach “Nuestra Comunidad”, we offer free card and brochure placement as a complimentary service to our sponsors. Welcome to “Nuestra Comunidad”. To be part of “Our Community”, call today at: (405) 685-3822 for OK or (915) 857-3839 for TX/NM


  OUR MISSION is to keep the Hispanic community residing in Oklahoma Texas & New Mexico informed about news and events in our community, the state, our nation and the world, putting emphasis in Local News for the Spanish/English Reader.

  OUR OBJECTIVE is to promote our sponsors within the Hispanic community; at the same time, we promote family values and create conscience about problems that affect our readers, our community and their lives. This newspaper provides counseling assistance to our readers and serves as a liaison between most institutions and the Hispanic Community.

  CONTENTS: This newspaper delivers the Local News and Issues of Concern to our readers in Oklahoma. It presents the most important issues concerning national and international news, immigration and business reports, crime, sports, social events, tourism, family and women’s information, as well as, entertainment, technology, kitchen recipes, politics, religion, health articles, etc.

  DISTRIBUTION AREAS: Mexican stores and restaurants, convenient stores, some grocery stores, as Buy for Less, Save a Lot, El Mariachi, Foodland, meat markets, El Rodeo, South of the Border, check cashing stores, local libraries, and community festivals and events in OKC Metro, El Paso & Parts of New Mexico.

  FREQUENCY OF DISTRIBUTION: “Nuestra Comunidad” is a monthly publication with weekly deliverance of the same materials to our racks. This is done with the intention of providing considerable savings to our sponsors and to give more people the opportunity to read the news and see the advertisements.

  OUT REACH: We reach with the newspaper, in an efficient manner, between 30,000 and 40,000 readers approximately a month. Through our Website,, this newspaper reaches, approximately, another 100,000 readers throughout the United States and the whole world.

  DISTRIBUITION: Since our managers, personally, perform the newspaper distribution, Cevallos Media guarantees our sponsors 100% deliverance and 0 RECYCLING! OTHER SERVICES INCLUDED: We have business card holders in many locations throughout the city where we place, at no extra charge, our customers´ business cards, posters, brochures and flyers. We also have Insert service, Web Banners, Websites, Graphic Design, Translations and a client referral service.

  PRICE: “Nuestra Comunidad’’ or “Our Community’’ is a FREE Bilingual publication with 11 years in circulation.

  RATINGS: An independent survey done by AOD International has placed "Nuestra Comunidad" with the highest rating of preference among the established media; and local convenient store owners, where newspapers are distributed, have reported this newspaper as “being the most requested one”. In the same manner, Mr. Franco Cevallos, Publishing Editor, has been named, in two occasions Honorary Mayor of Oklahoma City , has been condecorated by Governor Brad Henry and received innumerable awards for his unselfish service rendered to the community.

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